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Happy birthday Buckingham School!

- Our school fulfills one more year of life, of expectations and consummate realities, of work, dedication and effort. Once again we met to pay tribute to a project that was born thirty-four years ago and that until today serves as an example for the country.

H. Escobar

- With great joy we celebrate our institution’s 34th birthday. This day we make a history recount of the school from its foundation until today; Preschoolers performed a song they created especially for this celebration. This birthday was enjoyed like no other: they distributed ice cream and performed a homily as a sign of gratitude, celebration and happiness.  

Alejandro Cubillos 9-A

- On our school’s  34th anniversary, Ximena Castro, the principal, told us how her beginnings were and about Marta's effort to getting the school positioned where it is today.  Outstanding students who demonstrated Warmth, Quality, Excellence, Innovation and transcendence in preschool, primary and high school were honored on this day. To commemorate this moment, we counted with the participation of the school’s martial band.

David Villazón 9-A


14 schools from the AACBI community traveled to La Guajira in order to carry out the first National InterCAS. They aimed to share and learn more about the Wayuú indigenous community in order to generate and execute projects in the short and long term, seeking to contribute to the solution of the specific needs of this community. Our school was represented by the 10th grade students Ana Pardo and Valentina Abondano and teachers Adriana Pérez and Jaime Peñuela.
This experience allowed the students to implement the components of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) and to make the respective connections with TOK. In addition, the school will work in conjunction with other schools in order to meet one of the needs detected in these communities.

Alejandro Cubillos 9-A


This year our school participated in Robobuck (Version 4.0), along with 9 guest schools and 130 participants. They appropriated the first 2 positions of each of the categories, among them are sumo, labyrinth, regular line follower and sprinter. Our visitors got a great impression of the event, the awards and the organization. Our school winners were: Nicolás Cardona 9c line follower 1st place; Juan Esteban Castaño, Juan Sebastián Ortega and Juan Felipe Quijano 8B sumo 1st place; Juan pablo Alonso and María Juliana Conrado 6B 2nd place in sumo; María Carolina Quiñones 10A, Laura Duarte and Nicolás Estevez second place in maze.

Corina Alicandú 8A

The National University of Colombia´s Environmental Forum "Environmental challenges in the construction of peace"
At of the Universidad Nacional´s Auditorium Alfonso Pumarejo a discussion group was held with the participation of Los Andes and Javeriana universities, together with guests as the Indigenous Regional Council of Cauca’s Representative (CRIC), the Vice Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, The Regional Facilitator, Friends of the Earth Latin America and the Caribbean,  the Natural Land Agency’s General Director and a Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia’s (FARC) delegate. It all started with the peace process that has been working in Colombia for about four years and which showed results in 2016: a new beginning for the country after 50 years of war, and the most important concern of the forum: How will this new change generate reforms in the environmental part? This questioning left many topics for reflection such as global warming, socio-environmental, social and economic crisis, etc.

Ana Sofía Quiroga 8B

World School Cheerleading

The baton group led by teacher Ramón Castellanos, participated in the World Cheerleading Championship in Orlando for the second time. Our team competed against 60 teams and managed to position itself in the sixth place internationally. Congratulations to the team members Valeria Mesa Cabrera, Luciana Cortés, Stephanie Serrano, Sarah Navarro, Martina Rodríguez Castro, Camila Tarazona, Luciana Sarmiento, Gabriela Cortés, Verónica Messa, Martina Rodríguez, Juliana Trujillo, Mariana Sierra, Marianne Isabella Palomino, Camila Salamanca, Sophia Castro, Hanna Villalba and Juan José Castillo.

 Maria Corina Alicandú 8 ° A

Among the best schools in Colombia

We want to share with you that our school is ranked as the second best private high school in Colombia, according to the ISCE tests conducted by the Ministry of National Education.

The most competitive Colombian school

We are proud to share the news published in the online edition of the Money Magazine “Dinero” where the school was mentioned as well: "Colombia has one of the most competitive schools in the region according to The Franklin Covey Education Organization and its program called - The Leader in Me -"

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